Coaxial Switches
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All Coaxial Switches Are ROHS/REACH Compliant
*Except Airborne OR Space Switches

Logus offers an Industry leading variety of electro-mechanical coaxial switches. On top of supplying a great amount of electromagnetic products available in standard catalog configurations, our customers often require custom details, specs and physical characteristics to meet their exact requirements. Superior RF and drive characteristics make these coaxial switches an excellent option for stand-by amplifier switchover applications.

Being ISO 9001:2015 certified, Logus is Ready to engineer to your requirements and/or Co-design custom switches. Customized solutions offer our customers the flexibility for many design features not limited to:

  • Enhanced RF Spec's 
  • Harsh Environmental Spec's 
  • Paint finish Requirements
  • Competition Equivalents
  • Custom Circuits for Control & Monitor
  • Custom Mounting Configurations
  • RFID, UID and Custom Labeling
  • Legacy Support   
  • Manual Overrides and Keys
  • Acceptance and Qual Testing
  • Custom Flange Configurations
  • And more

To help organize your search for a custom solution we have arranged our highly-reliable coaxial switches into SWITCH SERIES, that generally pertain to the application requirements of the switch and are meant as a guideline to the user specifying process:

Coaxial Switch Guide

Switch Series Application Application Requirements


Ground Systems Switches

Sheltered Enclosures, may include Manual override options


Ground Systems Switches

Full Exposure to weather conditions, may include Covered Manual override options


Airborne Applications

Adherence to Full Military Specifications for Airborne Switches, fully pressurized systems


Space Systems

Extreme weight savings, Low Outgassing, Hi-Reliability
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